7 Signs You’re Secretly a Sailor

Some of us were born to drive, some were born to drink copious amounts of coffee, and others to sing. Here are seven signs you were born to sail.

1. You could never live far from water

Does living far inland, away from oceans and lakes and rivers make you cringe? Me too. There’s just something about water that’s- oh I don’t know, 70% of my being. Swimming in a chlorine pool just doesn’t compare to a cool freshwater stream on a humid summer day. The air while sunbathing on the beach practically purifies your soul after traveling over countless miles of empty ocean to reach your lungs. The exhilaration of rafting down a rushing river could never be replicated in the flat plains of the midwest. Not everyone shares this love of natural bodies of water, it’s special, and a sign you were most definitely a sailor in another life.

2. You Swear… a lot

Are you going broke throwing away your nickels and dimes in the damned swear jar? If your life were a TV show, would most of your lines be beeps? It’s all good, it turns out swearing is actually good for you, science says so, so cuss away! Well, maybe not if the swear jar collector is around.

3. Listening to Your Gut is Easy

Sometimes, you just have a feeling about something or someone. Maybe deep down something told you not to eat that potato salad, and now you’re watching your co-workers drop like flies after the company picnic while you’re feeling great and digging into the leftover ribs.

4. You Respect Nature

Ay- mother nature, she’s a real b*tch. You know she’s not like any kind of mother you’d want to cross. A sudden change of winds can rip apart sails or send you into a swell faster than you can sing the alphabet. You’re the kind of person who would never leave home during a scorcher without water, and that packs the tarps to go camping just in case, even though the forecast says the chance for rain is only a 10% likelihood.

5. People Say You’re Just a Little Crazy

Or they say you’re quirky, eccentric, or just plain odd. Sailors are a bit different from your typical land human. They might not have many friends, or they have just a few trusted loyal friends that make up their crew. We don’t mind time alone, but it certainly can make us a little crazy. You do things just because, you talk to the moon and you can hold a great conversation with yourself in your head. Embrace it! Who wants to be average anyway?

6. You’re “Practical”

You don’t need new shoes, yours only have one hole so far. Buying things is for suckers, and paying for services is too. You are self reliant and really weigh in the practicality of each thing you do spend money on. Maybe you’re even known to be a little frugal, and have even been called stingy once or twice. Penny pinching comes naturally to you, and its not often you are tempted by the latest craze or must have knick knack.

7. Superstitious? You? Never!

Do you knock on wood to keep from jinxing yourself? I bet you do that thing where you cross your fingers while you wait for good news, or maybe you can’t prove it, but you’re pretty sure that receptionist booked you a room on the 13th floor to kill you. If you’re secretly a sailor, you might be suspicious of new people, and avoidant of certain situations- but hey! They can’t prove eating bananas won’t ever sink your ship!

One thought on “7 Signs You’re Secretly a Sailor

  1. This article was immensely helpful in discovering that I was, in fact, secretly a sailor! I had apparently been unknowingly sleep-sailing for years- leaving my wife in anguish at my frequent disappearances and my home life in disarray as I would regularly wake up in stolen sea vessels by the bay shore.
    Now knowing my truth, I can wholeheartedly embrace my sailing instincts and purge myself of the ocean’s dark control by consciously plunging into the depths myself!


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